United by word and design.

What I do

I am an independent writer and photographer with 15 years of experience in the news media. Everything has since changed.

In a world where billions have the power to self-publish, where postings go automated and unchecked, and copy and images turned into commodities, creative professionals are the artists who leave us value. We are the essential link between art and commerce. We provide strength when instant communication dilutes our humanity and threatens to split us apart.

That is and will always be my job: To tell stories, to make people feel part of them, to send a lasting message by uniting word and design.

Journalism core

Trained reporter and J-school graduate. Research, truth, and integrity always come first.


Product, portrait, landscape, event, and street. Use natural lighting and AI processing.

Graphic eye

Design, layout, typography, color, UI, and branding, for print and all digital platforms.


Corporate communications, PR, and strategy without Madison Avenue hourly rates.

Client work